On the 1st of January 2015, the VAT place of supply rules will change. This will have huge consequences to all businesses that sell digital products to other countries within the EC.

Extremely useful page. The whole EU VAT/VATMOSS thing is crazy.

Fuck Phone Calls

I wholeheartedly agree with every single word of this article. (As I said before.)

Two week’stagrams


By definition, in a competition, you are doing the same thing as other people. An enormous amount of effort is poured into leveling that playing field to absolutely ensure that everyone is doing the same thing. My issue with competitive spectator sports isn’t that it’s pointless (it’s play; play is, by definition, pointless). It’s that it normalizes the idea that this ‘doing the same thing, only better’, should be valorized.

Deb Chachra

The last week of ‘stagram.


ROLIS descent image

Well, that was interesting. Is interesting.

Instagram photos of the last two weeks


Very helpful, indeed.

Fuck the Aeropress

Seriously, fuck the Aeropress.

So, as a nerd who likes to drink coffee it was inevitable that at some point I had to buy an AeroPress. Because I have heard it makes really great coffee.1

Half a year later, I’m pretty much done with it. Even if I buy small batches of really good beans, measure them diligently, grind them myself, make sure the water has just the right temperature, use the silly upside-down method – the coffee ends up tasting just… meh.

And after I managed to break a cup today by apparently using too much force pressing the aero through the coffee, I decided to unpack my ten-year old Senseo machine and have a nice, fast, simple to make and actually good cup of coffee.

  1. You know, like having a great camera turns you into a great photographer, Moleskines turn you into a great writer and using Textmate makes you Merlin Mann

Me on Better Know A Jackal

If you want to hear me being very tired, very nervous and tres awkward on a podcast, this is your moment.

If you rather want to hear Mike interviewing interesting people, why not listen to one with a Dominican friar or an online dating coach?


Unpredictable Unicorn

Now that Jawbone has an App that uses the M7 chip and HealthKit to collect the data that the band used to provide, I can finally start using all the information with the UP Coffee app.
Apparently caffeine intake does not have a real impact on my sleep pattern, though.

“Shia LaBeouf”

Play a sound when the volume is changed in OS X Yosemite

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 16.05.51

If you were – like me – afraid Yosemite broke the audio on your Mac: here you go. System Preferences → Sound → Sound Effects. ↬ @caseyliss