Bookmarks for December 13th through December 15th

Facebook Makes Us All Sad Because Everyone Is Happy But Us
Mule Design Studio’s Blog: Tart Up Your Startup!
Old gold: @mulegirl wrote about some of the stuff I mentioned at #warmgun today. And she’s smarter than me:
Instagram Engineering • What Powers Instagram: Hundreds of Instances, Dozens of Technologies
The Internet and Social inequality: social media and digital divide | Digital serendipities – Danica Radovanovic’s thoughts about technology, media, life
Do unto others… | Sarah Parmenter, a web and UI designer.
Russell Monk’s Open-Air Studio –
Love when people just set up & start taking portraits. Such a great way to elevate & celebrate the folks in your hood: Apps and web apps and the future
A man, a ball, a hoop, a bench (and an alleged thread)… TELLER! – Las Vegas Weekly
It’s Lonely in the Modern World: The Essential Guide to Form, Function, and Ennui from the Creators of Molly Jane Quinn, Jenna Talbott: Bücher