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I played around with a text messaging API yesterday. I know some people think it might be the future – because so many people use messengers these days – but I am not convinced. It feels to much like those terrible phone hotline “menus”

If you are in utter despair because you have been using this menu für half an hour, press 8.

Meanwhile I heard that the new version of Windows is out today. Great. Another operating system I will have to guess how it works when someone in my family has problems with all those search bars in their browser.

So basic.

So basic.

I just got an email from Amazon, telling me that they’ll now be sending me booze with Prime. That can’t end well.

I just got an email from Amazon, telling me that they’ll now be sending me booze with Prime.
That can’t end well.

Weekend in Cologne – done. (Ish. Still need to take a train.)

Yesterday we discovered Periscope and spent almost all evening projecting random people at the wall via AirPlay. It is amazing that this can be fun.
Slightly tempted to start my career as a life-streamer, but I am sure that I will be able to fight this temptation without much effort.

Now sitting at the train station, writing this article, in a misguided attempt to look as if I am one of those people who travel and are productive. Later I will look at gifs of baby animals again.

Ich will Teil einer Altherrenbewegung sein.

Ich will Teil einer Altherrenbewegung sein.

Suddenly, the summer turned cold – I was not prepared for that.
Actually, I was prepared for that, forgot to bring a sweater, though – mostly because it was still in the mid-30s yesterday when I took the train. And now I have two new nice warm hoodies, that’s good.

Sleep-deprived visit to where I used to stay until roughly a year ago. I’ve been there once or twice in the last year, it was still somehow weird this time, it somehow seemed like an alternate reality.
That town was not kind to me, and yet I always liked it.



On the train to Cologne, smartly having bought a ticket for the phone, saving trees and generally being a member of the 21st century. Less smartly watching the app of the train company crash right after launch. Over and over. Even after a reboot, the app crashes.
Because I am getting older and more cautious, I actually did print the ticket – so at least that’s going to help me, once and if the person checking the tickets will arrive.

On the other hand, the WiFi doesn’t work, either, so maybe that’s just how things work.

100 words: white whine edition.