I know I am not the only one to notice, but lately all this stuff that used to “just work” for me on my Mac tends to have it’s problems.
This morning I wrote something in Byword on my phone, tried to save it to iCloud, which – yes – used to work great, and then it was just gone. Magic!
Do I now have to copy it first to the clipboard, like back in the bad old blogging days, when one could never be quite sure if a web form might not properly post something?

.5: The Gray Chapter

A new Slipknot album.



From the department of useful software: let.ter.

A small email client with only one goal: write an email, send it, get out. No looking at an inbox, no sorting, nothing, just a textfield for the email, a line to enter the recipient and a button to send.
I like software like that. A lot.

Bill Murray

Absolutely worth the time. Great man.

Viele Deutsche haben nur schlechte Internetkenntnisse

Ich schwanke wild zwischen Traurigkeit und “Das sind doch mehr, als ich gedacht hätte”: Viele Deutsche haben nur schlechte Internetkenntnisse@nico

Feed weirdness. (Sorry)

I have no clue what is going on but for some reason WordPress decided to randomly show old entries in the main feed for this blog. I’ll try to find out what’s wrong and what I can do about it.



Did Google start blocking third-party email clients?

Constantly unsatisfied with desktop email clients, I tend to try new ones once in a while. Just now I tried to use Airmail with one of my lesser used Google Mail accounts (unimportant enough that I did not enable two-step verification.) and was most certainly slightly confused when it refused to connect.

I was even more confused when this showed up in the mailbox of the recovery account:

You can switch to an app made by Google.

No. I don’t want to switch to an app made by Google – I want IMAP.

Thanks anyway. As far as I know, this is a new thing and it is a bit worrying.

These eggs are weird.

These eggs are weird.

Future Ennui

Future Ennui

The future isn’t even here yet, and it’s already exhausted us in advance.

Basically this.

Three hours


That must have sucked.


links sammeln, veröffenlichen und verdauen

links sammeln, veröffenlichen und verdauen

der dritte und wichtigste grund links zu sammeln, kurz zu kommentieren (oder ein zitat rauszuziehen) ist eigentlich gar kein grund, sondern ein zustand: weil ich gerne veröffentliche. oder teile. oder mitteile. oder gerne sehe wie und ob leute auf das was ich veröffentliche reagieren.


Eye Know

I could watch videos like this for hours. [via]