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I find myself in the not very enviable position in which I need a new bag.
A proper man purse. It should be big enough for maybe a thick A4 magazine, my iPad and, ugh, yes, the battery pack for my iPhone.
I do have a good backpack for when I want to bring my computer, but that doesn’t happen all the time and then it is too big.

Given that so many people in my peer group – and if you read this, I consider you a peer – are bag nerds, I am sure I will get some good advice.

This is the time of day when I am in bed already, just about to fall asleep, when it suddenly hits me that I decided to write every day.

Usually I get up again, walk over to my computer and write properly with a keyboard. Tonight I just could not be bothered – after all, apparently people write whole articles and emails on their phones. I am probably more surprised than you are by how little I enjoy typing on the phone. I often assumed I would not even really need a proped desktop computer anymore for many short written things.

Probably my favorite commercial ever is this one from Swiss.

At some point the co-pilot says that it’s possible to see Malaga on your left. Now I wonder which Swiss flight it might have been with Malaga to ones side.
Yes, these are the things I sometimes think about. I have my deep moments, full of profound insights.

Maybe I should fly to Malaga some time.

And maybe the next time I fly Swiss I should have a Campari Soda. I completely neglected to do that the last time.
Not that Swiss is flying from around here anymore, though.

I am in the lucky-ish position to have my first name as a handle in most social media situations – well, Twitter and Instagram, but what else matters, right? And I have it as my email account.
Given that I never really had a “cool” internet nickname, this works well for me.

Except. I get tagged in basically every Instagram picture of every Dominik in the world. My reply stream in Twitter can be a mess, especially when people cross-post Facebook stuff and use a sub-par tool.

Wait, why sub-par? Isn’t it good to be under par?

Today I bought a document shredder.
I don’t really have any documents to shred but it is still good to have one of those around. It is weirdly satisfying to stuff a piece of paper in it and know whatever has been on it is gone. Done.

I just listened to the WTF podcast with Barack Obama. Fascinating.

Now I wonder at which point one of our politicians here in Germany decides to go on a podcast. Not that I actually know any German podcasts. (Besides mine, but it’s not like those are very active.)
I’m not betting on it.

To keep with both the themes of aviation and reading of the last couple of days, here is a book recommendation: Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot.
It’s non-fiction – a meditation of what it means be an airline pilot these days. A fascinating look into a world where waking up in London and going to bed in Tokyo is a normal day at the office. It is fuelling a weird part of my wanderlust that isn’t about seeing places but about being at airports, sitting in airplanes.

Some excerpts of the book are available online: look here and here.

Of course they decided to cancel the new luggage proposal two days after I mention it.

Luggage and packing is a weird thing anyway – I really don’t have to pack my luggage often, maybe a handful of times per year, if at all. And yet I quite enjoy watching those videos on YouTube where people show the world how well they pack and how they manage to squeeze clothes for months and months in a carry-on bag.
Maybe those new rules must be for them. Those bags must be heavy. Especially clothes are a good item to check in.

One thing that I need to learn (as I get older?) is that “I’ll just take a quick nap, maybe 10 minutes” can’t be a thing around seven in the evening. Even if I set an alarm, I’ll be sleeping until ten or eleven and then my sleep schedule is messed up for good.
More time for late-night reading then. For a while, I didn’t read much – besides my constant struggle to read all of the internet. But lately, my stacks of too-read magazines and books, both physical and on the Kindle, have been shrinking, which feels good.

I am watching the story about IATAs new proposal for carry-on luggage very interested, slightly amused and quite worried. The new size is actually really small. I do have a backpack that fits the requirements and I would just barely manage to put the things I tend to take with me in it – but only when checking a bag with clothes.
I don’t even take many big things with me – my MacBook, my camera, the phone, all the cables and adapters for those, maybe a couple of magazines. I wouldn’t want to be someone who needs to bring more.

The best thing that is happening on my many devices that connect to the internet is probably the Slack chat that I have with a group of friends. It is my water cooler – and my main “third place” in my amateur understanding of this sociological concept.
Chances are that almost everybody has a couple of these permanent group chats. And why wouldn’t we? Humans are naturally inclined to flock into groups and just hang out. We might prefer that in person, but as a second best option, these group chats work just fine.
It is also easier to share URLs.

It is more of a guideline, anyway.

I got myself a Backblaze account this weekend and the app helpfully tells me that it is going to take 27 days until the first backup is done. And that’s on a pretty empty MacBook – I have most things, photos and whatnot, on a Synology anyway and just get them when I need them.
It is not the fault of Backblaze – it is the extremely slow internet connection here. I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be fast to just connect over the mobile network – but there is no way I could afford that.

Beats 1 could be what gets me to subscribe to Apple Music.
Yes, because I am old and like to listen to radio. A well-curated (sorry!) music selection by someone who knows what they’re doing sounds like a good idea to me. At the moment I am mostly listening to Monocle 24, which is pretty okay, too. A lot better than the local Top 40 stations anyway.

I am actually hoping that it works with my Sonos system. In the end I just want to be able to press one button and have good music – I optimize for laziness.