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I’m not particularly sure what is wrong with me, but lately I seem to be buying a lot of socks. It’s not that I need them – I have plenty of socks in good shape and I didn’t have a socks-related emergency in a long, long while.

Yesterday I went to buy a pair of pants. And a new belt.1 And on my way between the belt and the cashier, I just happened to see socks and took them with me.
I just couldn’t help it. It seemed reasonable at the time.

And what did I buy in a big volume on my trip to Shanghai? A place where I could have bought counterfeit electronics, tailored suits or at least really awesome tea pots? I bought socks. Ten pairs, actually.

I think I need help. Or more socks.

  1. Yes, less wide than the one before. Thanks for asking. I probably must be losing weight. Yay. Or the old one just widened out with wear. Who knows. []