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Die Diktatur der Lerchen

Die Diktatur der Lerchen

Nieder mit dem Chrononormativismus!


The Internet Is Terrible Because Of Everyone

  1. Everything you hate about The Internet is actually everything you hate about people.
  2. The worst thing is knowing what everyone thinks about anything.

The Internet is poisoning you every day with its constant gush of idiot opinion from the vast waste-ridden tide of people who need to be reminded to shut their mouths while breathing. It is terrible and only getting worse, and the various forms of social media are only amplifying the process and hastening us toward our inevitable end.

(And I wanted to be more positive in 2015.)

Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris

“Sharpening the contradictions” is the strategy of sociopaths and totalitarians, aimed at unmooring people from their ordinary insouciance and preying on them, mobilizing their energies and wealth for the perverted purposes of a self-styled great leader.

The only effective response to this manipulative strategy (as Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani tried to tell the Iraqi Shiites a decade ago) is to resist the impulse to blame an entire group for the actions of a few and to refuse to carry out identity-politics reprisals.

For those who require unrelated people to take responsibility for those who claim to be their co-religionists (not a demand ever made of Christians), the al-Azhar Seminary, seat of Sunni Muslim learning and fatwas, condemned the attack, as did the Arab League that comprises 22 Muslim-majority states.

Juan Cole (ᔥ@ScottyTM)

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On the 1st of January 2015, the VAT place of supply rules will change. This will have huge consequences to all businesses that sell digital products to other countries within the EC.

Extremely useful page. The whole EU VAT/VATMOSS thing is crazy.

Fuck Phone Calls

I wholeheartedly agree with every single word of this article. (As I said before.)

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By definition, in a competition, you are doing the same thing as other people. An enormous amount of effort is poured into leveling that playing field to absolutely ensure that everyone is doing the same thing. My issue with competitive spectator sports isn’t that it’s pointless (it’s play; play is, by definition, pointless). It’s that it normalizes the idea that this ‘doing the same thing, only better’, should be valorized.

Deb Chachra

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Well, that was interesting. Is interesting.

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Very helpful, indeed.