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January 10, 2006




natürlich könnte man jetzt wunderbar kalauern (Rechner für’n A… usw.), aber die Idee ist eine ganz nette:
“Rosetta is the name of Apple’s technology that seamlessly converts PowerPC code to Intel code on the fly. It is designed so that applications that are not available as universal binaries for both PowerPC and Intel systems can still run on Apple’s Intel Macs. During the WWDC keynote, Apple CEO Steve Jobs demonstrated several PowerPC applications running with Rosetta, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Very fast systems, Jobs said, will be able to take advantage of Rosetta without the user even noticing.”

Und warum das Rosetta heisst, kann man z.B. hier nachlesen: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stein_von_Rosetta