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January 1, 2008

  • wondering if I’ll manage to get up in about six hours. #
  • freezing my butt off while waiting for Jan, who refuses to use twitter. #
  • walking through Lörrach, every single bar is closed. Damn. #
  • @rednix n hat mein Vater, das ist für meine Wurstfinger zu klein… #
  • wondering if I should bring that one to office on monday: http://urlao.com/79bfd #
  • checking "teh webs" for a short while. 408 unread email. Yuck. Switching the computer back off. #
  • packing our stuff and getting ready to get on the road. First station: home and then: London calling. #
  • announcing my new year’s resolutions: I’ll start smoking, drink more, steal candy from kids and generally make life more miserable for t … #