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June 22, 2008

Mir geht es ja ziemlich genauso wie Stowe Boyd Matt Balara:

Typically, someone who doesn’t “get” Twitter, would stare at me in shocked horror if I told them this, but the fact is, Twitter and other online social tools have made it possible for me to have a kind of light, continuous contact with so many people, and this contact has become an essential part of my life. If those people are meatspace friends, it intensifies the relationship and saves us both time. Instead of asking them, “what have you been up to?” when we see each other I can say, “I don’t really like it either,” and without explanation we both know what we’re talking about. Meatspace friends who aren’t online are a conspicuous absence.

In a way that I myself find completely unfair and strange, I’m starting to resent [his friends] non-participation, as in, “dude, why aren’t you talking to me?”

Um ehrlich zu sein: ich bekomme allerdings meistens, wenn ich diese Frage stelle, als Antwort:

Ich mach das doch alles auf StudiVZ, wieso machst Du da nicht richtig mit?