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May 4, 2010

As one might know, Google Street View is awesome. It’s a sad fact though, that most Germans – or at least those who are loud about it – don’t see it this way. So Google made a deal with the German government that they will not only blur faces and number plates on cars. They will also blur whole houses if requested to do so.
That pretty much defies the whole fun in Street View, but hey – haters gonna hate – and if there is one thing we Germans like to do, it’s hating Google. So, as of a few days ago, a pro-Street View militia is forming with a simple idea: take pictures of the blurred out buildings, geotag them and make them available for download and use under a Creative Commons license. That’s pretty ingenious and it’s apparently legal: § 59 UrhG, sowie das Urteil des BGH vom 9. März 1989, Az.: I ZR 54/87 is cited.
While I won’t be actively go out and hunt for blurred out houses, I know for sure that I’ll look for them in “my” areas and might take a picture or two. And upload them to both Flickr and the Google-owned Panoramio.

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