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July 21, 2010

What the fuck, Motorola? First that completely useless and idiotic stuff with the bootloader that only takes signed ROMs and now maybe no Froyo?

Seriously, I do like my Milestone. The hardware is very very nice. The keyboard is great and I can type surprisingly fast on it. I like Android. You had a sure winner here and you were that close to turning me into a fanboy.

And then you came with this stupid, pointless, daft and above all depressingly corporate decision to lock down your hardware and not even provide updates. I know for sure that this will be my first and last phone from Motorola – while the product is great, the company policies around it are just abysmal.



I would sign every single WORD!


Absolutely. There will be no single reference design Android phone anymore – the N1 was the only phone with 2.2, right? This is crap and this is probably what will make people hate Android – see how people are already freaking out at apple for not including features for old models (even if sensible, like no MT in 2G).

Plus, moto Blur seems to be a bootload of crap.

Dominik Schwind

I thought some of the HTCs have 2.2 – but then I haven’t really done any research on that matter. And the Motorola Droid (US-Version of the Milestone) has it, too. Plus, the bootloader on that one isn’t locked down.


The Desire has been updated recently for D2 Clients into 2.2. as far as I know.