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February 1, 2011

Probably everybody who likes to read longer texts online knows Readability – once “only” a bookmarklet / Firefox extension that reformatted pages for improved (you guessed it) readability. Apple liked it that much that they put it into Safari.

The new Readability is quite something else. At it’s core it’s still a way to re-format text to make it more readable. But now it’s actually a paid service which includes Instapaper-like functionalities, which are, not incidentally, powered by Instapaper. There’s going to be an iPad app, soon, which should make good use of that, too. And on top of that, 70% of the money that they take will be given to the authors of the articles, if they do sign up for it. A smart Flattr-like approach to finance good long-form writing on the web. I like the idea a lot and I hope it works out.

Also, bugger them. After Flipboard that’s now the second thing that makes me really re-consider getting an iPad. [via]