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August 15, 2011

Evernote, Day One, Last.fm, Twitterrific, Adium, Quicksilver, Dropbox, Notify, Divvy, Caffeine, Scroll Reverser, Tunnelblick

How about yours?



I tried Divvy for a bit, but used not often enough. Only have dropbox, rescuetime, and caffeine. But come to think of it, I could check off rescuetime, I only look at the weekly reports anyway…


der Dennis

Mine is here.


Mine is here


Mine is almost empty: http://flic.kr/p/afUBAn

I replace the default items for all menu bar programs with a transparent png, so that only battery and time are displayed. I used to disable the spotlight icon via Onyx, but it doesn’t work with Lion yet.

I can click on the empty spaces to get to the menus (Dropbox, cloudapp, etc).

By only replacing the default/idle icon, I still see when there’s activity – dropbox shows when it’s syncing, not connected, etc with the original icons.

Dominik Schwind

That is pretty cool. I’d probably be clicking into the wrong space all the time, though.


I don’t use many menu bar icons, so it’s ok. They make me all ADD.
Also – you don’t use textexpander? I think you should.