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September 24, 2011

Schnittchen @ WordCamp Köln 2011
Die Lümmel von der letzten Bank @ WordCamp Köln 2011
5by5 | Geek Friday #1: One Foot in Reality
Listening to "Geek Friday" instead of sleeping. Good, but too much @danbenjamin and not enough @faitherina in this ep.
This thing will fall on my head – LostFocus
LostFocus: This thing will fall on my head
What Is Cuil Theory? – Cuil Theory
Why are we speaking German? A mime cries softly as he cradles a young cow. Your grandfather stares at you as the cow falls apart into patties. You look down only to see me with pickles for eyes, I am singing the song that gives birth to the universe.
In A Strong Return, ‘The Office’ Finds Its Footing Without Steve Carell