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December 21, 2011

I might have mentioned it before – either here or over on the Twitter – that I am working at a rather noisy office. It’s just something that happens when you put four guys in a room. Someone is always eating something or mumbling or drumming on the table. Keyboards aren’t that silent, either and don’t get me started on scroll wheels. It just can’t be helped.

And then there are discussions. Usually about work-related stuff, but also all too often about why thing X sucks or why people who do thing Y must be stupid.

So, at some point, one either gets used to it, tries to mask the noises with music or tries to find some other way to cope with the constant audio distractions.

This afternoon, I decided to go and check what happens when I run the Inception App at work. And the results are pretty astonishing, really. Stuff that would usually annoy me – nuts getting taken out of an aluminum bag and chewed noisily, random sighs and curses – turn into weird, yet beautiful soundscapes, the distraction becomes audio art.

It’s still distracting as hell, though and I don’t really get any work done because I am too busy listening. I guess I’ll have to think of something else.