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December 22, 2011

Parks and Recreation – Swanson vs. Food – Video – http://www.nbc.com
"You had me at meat tornado." /via @Dreamseer
Industrial Dance Group [Nyan Cat Remix]
– YouTube
And of course: Nyan!
German industrial dance with dutch polka
– YouTube
Different, but oh so funny:
D. Ray White – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That guy even has a Wikipedia entry.
D. Ray White from the "Talking Feet" documentary [1 of 2]
– YouTube
It gets really good once he starts to explain what he is doing.

And then he starts singing.

A Personalized Video from Santa
– YouTube
Here, for you.


(Happy to see some people at Google get drugs.) (Hehe, "Me time")

The best set of infographics ever
Barney Frank’s Protruding Nipples: Why Do Nipples Harden in the Cold? – Slate Magazine
Support Vs Optimization | Brad Frost Web
12 Days of Highly Tolerable Holiday Movies: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation « The Thought Experiment
National Lampoon’s Vacation