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January 1, 2012

Just because a friend of mine is busy bitching about negative people in his life I decided to put this frankly perfect rant by Marc Maron here, from the opening remarks of episode 277:

I’m so fucking sick of people that preach positivity. It’s making me nauseous.

All you people that, you think you’re positive. Let me tell you something, negativity and positivity are almost exactly the same in most cases, they’re coping mechanisms. Neither one imply that you’re a better person, or a more decent person. The people that actually preach this idea of positivity, “Hey man I’m positive, I’m not negative”. They’re doing the exact same thing.

Positivity implies intolerance 90% of the time. That means you’re just like, “Hey get the fuck out of my space, man. You’re negative.” I know negativity can be draining, I know negativity can be bottomless, and there’s not a lot you can do. And I know that positivity can be bullying and intolerant and arrogant in its way, because you think you’re a better person. Because, “I’m just doing everything I can to be positive, which means excluding negativity from my life”.

Where’s the empathy there? Where’s the caring? There’s no caring, you’re not putting better things out into the world, you’re just coping in a different way. And being a little bit more easy to be around. But you’re no better.

It doesn’t make you a decent person to be positive. It’s just a different type of denial.

Transcript from here, thanks dude.