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January 4, 2012

Or: how I learned to merge folders under OS X Lion

If you’ve come from Windows to OS X1 you’ll probably learned the hard way that OS X prefers to overwrite stuff when copying one folder into another. If you think hard about it, it is more logical, but once in a while, merging folders is still the way to go. There are a bunch of tools out there that allow users to merge folders under OS X, but more often than not, these tools stopped working around Leopard and nobody cared to update them.

And sad as it may be, this is how I now managed to merge two folders:

I started the integrated SSH server:


and connected to localhost with Transmit. And then everything just works.

I don’t even know why I don’t just stop with all this computer stuff and learn how to be a lumberjack or something. I can’t be the only person who thinks this is utterly stupid?

  1. And most of us did.