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April 1, 2012

On Twitter I am mostly myself – or only a tiny bit more over-sharing and neurotic than the real me. And I guess most of my followers can at least guess that this is the case.1

I still often censor myself. Following many comedians on Twitter or listening to their podcasts started an urge in me to often tweet extremely offensive and/or personal stuff that does not actually represent me, but would be funny. For people with a certain kind of humor, but still funny.

So I am in a bit of a conundrum, really. Some of my followers are potential future bosses and/or2 romantic interests. And I am not too sure how well this kind of humor would go down with these people. Especially when it does not even go down well with me if I’m not in the mood for raunchy humor.

And now I have no idea what to do with my occacional outbursts of really terrible jokes™ – I’m not really willing to start a second3 twitter account for that. The people I do want to read my “funny” tweets are already following me. Which is pretty surprising in itself.
Maybe I should just post them here instead. It’s not like somebody is reading them here.

  1. While on the other hand I take everything anyone else twitters for face value. Hah. 
  2. Not really “and/or.” But who knows. I’d not say no to working under an awesome lady boss. 
  3. More like 12th, amiright? High five!