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June 26, 2012

Things that happened this morning:

  • I sent Poolie his birthday wishes one day too early.
  • I managed to ram my left shoulder into the door frame of my bathroom door.1
  • I made coffee, grabbed my bag and went to work.
  • I realized in the car while already driving that I forgot my tumbler with the coffee at home. At this point I wasn’t too fazed with that – I could get some coffee on the way to work.
  • Which made me realize that I could not feel my wallet at the usual space. I was not too worried, sometimes I chuck it into my bag, so I checked there.
  • Digging through my bag I noticed something pretty important was missing: the MacBook, which I so very much need at work. So I turned around, drove back home and got all of this. Took me probably an extra 30 minutes.

How about your morning?

  1. Which is really difficult, because I have stuff standing there. I must have walked very askew for this to happen.