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July 2, 2012

I don’t understand computers anymore. I just opened Byword and this is what I found:


I’ll be wondering all day what it is trying to tell me.1


I don’t understand the weather anymore, either. It was perfectly warm enough to sit outside on the balcony to howl at the almost full moon around 1am, so I decided to wear warm-weather-clothes again today. 2

So now I am sitting here at work, freezing.

Well done, weather.


Who is writing the microcopy for check-in services? I just saw a Tweet from a fitness check-in whatnot and it read, I kid you not:

I earned points for my workout on ! Check out my profile and become more awesome with me!

I don’t know how we’ll be able to explain that to future generations.


And seriously: “Fitocracy”? What’s the deal3 with that?

I’m already not sure how to feel about meritocracy and now they want the sporty people to take over?


I like the tilde, it’s such a calming character.


I forgot to make coffee this morning.

Let me repeat that:






I don’t even know what to say to that.


I spend too much time on the internet. How I know this? Every single joke my “friends” post to Facebook feels very old to me.

Either that or I need to find funnier friends.

  1. Did you really have the impulse to explain it to me? Just for a short moment? Shame. On. You. Of course I know exactly how that happened. (“I swear, it’s the first time that happened!”) 
  2. Does not include sandals, with or without socks, does include nerdy cargo shorts, though. 
  3. What’s the deal with airplane food, people? It comes in these little plastic boxes and nobody ever comments on it!