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January 1, 2013


As of this writing1 I have managed to keep my 2012 New Year’s Resolution – I did go for a coffee at a McDonald’s once, but that was okay-ish.

And much to my surprise, I really did not miss it once and will probably continue to not frequent the establishments I avoided in 2012. I have no doubts that the few of my coworkers who still read this blog will now curse me – but I might be less strict about the rule this year.

Now on to 2013.

In light of recent late-night-Bacon-binges2 I decided my resolution for this year will be:

No more eating after 4pm3, except for fruit and/or when out in a social situation.

This will be a harder one to adjust to: I tend to be hungry after arriving back home from work and then tend to prepare unnecessary (and unnecessary heavy) dinner.4

Now let’s see how well this resolution does on Merlin Mann’s checklist:

  • I have a plan: if not in a social situation, eat nothing or fruit after 4pm.
  • I have a tolerance for failure: the backdoor is basically built-in – if I want to have a big dinner I just need to facilitate a social situation to happen. Easy, right? Right…?
  • It’s small: Well. No. The first month will be pretty hard – not because I actually need the food in the evening but because I’m just so used to eating and snacking in the evening. On the other hand: fruit.
  • It’s time-limited: one year.
  • It’s action-oriented: Just like last year’s resolution it’s more absence-of-action-oriented.

This one will be a bigger change in my overall lifestyle than last year’s but I think it’s still doable. In true cowardly fashion I have put in not one, but two backdoors – both of them engineered in a way that they have some auxiliary benefits.

Basically with this new rule I hope for a bunch of effects to set it:

  • Better sleep. It’s well proven that eating in the evening does not have the best influence on sleep.
  • Healthier eating. Here’s the fruit backdoor in action. A bunch of fruit in the evening should beat mountains5 of pasta or potatoes in this department.
  • More incentive to pursue a more active social life. I’ve let that lapse a bit last year, even more so in the last couple of months.
  • I can get rid of everything that’s not needed for breakfast food.

We’ll see.

The photo is BOING BOING BOING BOING by aimee daniells.


  1. I write this on December 12th, so there are still some days to mess it up. 
  2. Don’t judge me, I’m doing enough of that for myself already. 
  3. Why 4pm? Well, sometimes I sleep long and lunch is at 3pm. 
  4. They are usually really heavy on carbohydrates, too – not that this is my main motivation, but damnit. 
  5. Exaggeration, but, you know… small hills.