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July 8, 2014

As you might have seen on the post with the rolling puppy I managed to trick WordPress into showing Twitter replies, likes and retweets for certain posts.
I am using the WebMention (Here is a video showing how it works.) and Semantic-Linkback plugins, together with brid.gy to make that happen and it works rather well for now.
I shall look more into the whole thing – so far I didn’t do much more than install Matthias’ excellent plugins and watch the replies come in.

If you want to comment on this post, you should be able to reply to it on Twitter. (Or maybe even here on Google+?)


Martin Schneider

LOL! Guugel-Plus! #seo   #seologe  

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Matthias Pfefferle

@dominik nice! seems to work like a charm 🙂

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Dominik Schwind

@pfefferle almost. 🙂
It seems to be sending out pings after every edit, though?

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Dominik Schwind

Ja! Social-Search-Rank! Plus Eins!

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