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November 2, 2014

Seriously, fuck the Aeropress.

So, as a nerd who likes to drink coffee it was inevitable that at some point I had to buy an AeroPress. Because I have heard it makes really great coffee.1

Half a year later, I’m pretty much done with it. Even if I buy small batches of really good beans, measure them diligently, grind them myself, make sure the water has just the right temperature, use the silly upside-down method – the coffee ends up tasting just… meh.

And after I managed to break a cup today by apparently using too much force pressing the aero through the coffee, I decided to unpack my ten-year old Senseo machine and have a nice, fast, simple to make and actually good cup of coffee.

  1. You know, like having a great camera turns you into a great photographer, Moleskines turn you into a great writer and using Textmate makes you Merlin Mann


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