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December 31, 2017


I didn’t do that in quite a while, so this is going to be fun: Resolutions.

For the next year I’ll try to do what Martin has been doing for quite a while now: Every weekend write a short-ish blogpost about what happened during the last week.
Now there is a lot less happening during my weeks than during his, (And we don’t need to go into the reasons why that might be.) so this should be doable. The only thing I really need to fight down is the last remaining bits of shame about how little I let happen in my life.

Does it pass Merlin Mann’s checklist for resolutions? Let’s see.

  • I have a plan: Once per weekend, I’ll open a text editor and write some stuff down. Like a diary. Remember when blogs were internet diaries? Fun times.
  • I have a tolerance for failure: the only reason I’m still around, right?
  • It’s small: That’s what she… sorry. It is probably small-ish.
  • It’s time-limited: One year. 52 blog posts. That should be possible.
  • It’s action-oriented: Sure.

It’s important to set realistic goals.


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