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January 7, 2018

Wow, it took me precisely one week to rather dislike my New Year’s Resolution. Even though I’ve always wanted to be someone who takes notes and writes a diary, I never actually wanted to do the whole note-taking and diary-writing. But I guess here we are now.

I started the year as I have done quite a few times in the last couple of years: very low key over at Teymur’s place, eating too much, watching a couple of silly movies, talking nonsense. (One of these days we might remember to tape that again.)

After a day at the office and another rather pleasant train journey back home, I was… well, home. For some reason and even though this was a shorter week than usual, I was very very ready for a weekend off everything on Friday. It might not have helped that on Thursday there was some kind of family dinner at a rather mediocre “chinese” buffet restaurant. (I still haven’t quite figured out the occassion, besides “Well, your eldest cousin with his family is town, so let’s have dinner.” which is good enough for me.)

I’ve also decided to be part of the growing movement of people with a /now page – which I will routinely fill with these weekly updates. So… here’s now:


  • Remotely working at Pooliestudios
  • Trying to sort out my brain, my life and my belongings in a way that I’ll be able to move to Cologne and remove that remotely from that first sentence.

Useless Stats

Cups of coffee I had this year so far: 9
Amount of sleep I’ve gotten so far this year: 55 hours, 25 minutes. Which almost sounds good – but then I’ve been sleeping almost all of yesterday, which is a surprisingly big part of that number.