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February 25, 2018

This was quite a week – three office days in Cologne, one meeting in Düsseldorf, one near Stuttgart – so I’ve spent a lot of times in trains. Sometimes in trains that are stuck in tunnels and/or had electrical failures due to bumping into another train. Yay.

I did watch Black Panther, though and it was great – I’m a bit over the whole Marvel thing but this one was pretty neat.


  • Remotely working at Pooliestudios
  • Trying to sort out my brain, my life and my belongings in a way that I’ll be able to move to Cologne and remove that remotely from that first sentence.
  • Do I even need to mention the Reporter data? I’ve noticed that since the whole software development thing is my proper job again, I’ve been a lot less enthusiastic about doing it in my spare time, even though I still have so many ideas.

Useless Stats

Cups of coffee I had since the last update: 9
Amount of sleep I’ve gotten since the last update: 54 hours, 45 minutes.
I listened to 84 songs by 58 artists, which was mostly the Black Panther soundtrack.