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May 20, 2018

Once again it is Sunday, once again I ponder writing a CMS. What the hell.

Lörrach, Germany


Teymur Madjderey

DO IT!!!

Martin Schneyra

(Was soll es können?)

Dominik Schwind

Was weiß denn ich.

Dominik Schwarz

Martin links, Teymur rechts. Lechz!
Nimm dir den Code, er will es doch auch.
Kannst du mir erklären wozu man WP-Plugins braucht?

Martin Schneyra


Dominik Schwind

Zu lange in der Sonne gewesen?


@lostfocus I spent my Saturday evening doing exactly that! Now that it is Sunday. I can’t help but to wonder “what was I thinking?”


@eli The one you use for your site? The result does look pretty nice, though.


@lostfocus alas. Not the one (also home made) that my site runs on. This one was for a little client project. In the past I’d just use Jekyll, but these days I find maintaining a ruby environment just for Jekyll so troublesome I’ve walked away from it.


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