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May 3, 2018

Bookmarked https://sebastiangreger.net/2018/05/indieweb-privacy-challenge-webmentions-backfeeds-gdpr/.

Huh. Maybe I’ll just switch off all my websites and the internet and have a nap instead.

The Indieweb privacy challenge (Webmentions, silo backfeeds, and the GDPR) // Sebastian Greger

Originally intended to showcase a privacy-centred implementation of emerging social web technologies – with the aim to present a solution not initially motivated by legal requirements, but as an example of privacy-aware interaction design – my “social backfeed” design process unveiled intricate challenges for Indieweb sites, both for privacy in general and legal compliance in […]



@lostfocus All this makes me a sad panda.

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@deltafoxtrot yeah. I very much understand why it is, but the implementation details are just so confusing.

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