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January 28, 2019

I look at my blog archives and this is the fourth or fifth try to get something like a weekly blog post started. This time with the great weeknotes format that I’ve seen for the first time on Alice Bartlett’s website. I’ll collect little bits and bobs that I might have tweeted in the past in Drafts and will turn them into these little brain dumps roughly once per week.

  • What really sparks joy at the moment: the Bialetti Mini Express. It is very fun to watch an espresso come out of the little fountain.
  • Cheap Virtual Machines are both a blessing and a curse. A curse because they make me think I might be able to do dev things, a blessing because when I inevitably mess one up, I can just shut it down and start up a new one.
  • If you have a custom taxonomy in WordPress and you want it to still work in WordPress 5 you have to add them to the REST api with the show_in_rest parameter, which is a bit dumb. I also didn’t manage to move one of my meta boxes to the sidebar, so now it is dangling underneath the editor, which is also a bit dumb.
  • Slowly is a joy but it turns into proper work at some point. I might have reached a point where I have to disable getting messages from new people.
  • Comics RSS is the best. I quite enjoy getting a couple of cartoons in my feed reader every day.