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February 4, 2019

  • My internet at home isn’t very fast and yet somehow it still feels faster to upload a file to the cloud than copy it to my NAS.
  • Turns out the ten-years-challenge photo from a couple of weeks ago shouldn’t be the first picture someone sees of me. On the other hand – this has been my only photo on Tinder for quite a while and the few women who liked it are objectively pretty great.
  • Every time I go to Cologne I feel less interested to ever live there. Given that I’m there for work roughly once a month, it will be interesting to watch when I actively dread even going for a few days.
  • Health hasn’t been great this week but that’s what bloody winter does to you.
  • I closed the circles in the fitness tracking app on my watch on every day of January. Let’s see if this continues in February and if I manage to write the blogpost about it that I have in mind. Both chances are roughly 10% yes/90% I’ll get bored with it.