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February 17, 2019

  • The sun is setting later and later and I’m making use of that by going for a walk before six these days.
  • I went to the last Mustermesse Basel ever – and it was as slightly weird as I remember it to be. Still sad to know it was the last one.
  • After I saw that the place I tend to go to have duck and dumplings has Char Siu now I went to give it a try – I quite like it! I might still get the duck the next time again, though.
  • Sunny day today – I wanted to go for a walk at one of the usual places where I take walks sometimes and I didn’t even make it out of the car at the car park, it was so crowded.
  • I bought the latest Civ IV expansion and wasted basically all my weekend on it. It’s fun, though. A lot harder than it used to be.