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December 24, 2019

Likes http://yeokhengmeng.com/2019/12/building-a-new-win-3-1-app-in-2019-part-1-slack-client/.

Likes http://yeokhengmeng.com/2019/12/building-a-new-win-3-1-app-in-2019-part-1-slack-client/.

Building a new Win 3.1 app in 2019 Part 1: Slack client

In October 2019, my company SP Digital held an internal hackathon. My colleague Subhransu and I worked on a whacky idea of writing a brand-new Windows 3.1 app which was an OS released almost 30 years ago. The idea we chose was a Slack client. After all, Slack clients exist for most platforms but I’m certain one does not exist for Windows 3.1. A few months later in Dec 2019, I would join the Super Silly Hackathon for the second time with fellow retrocomputing enthusiast Hui Jing. We would develop a small game for Win 3.1 with great help from the knowledge gained from this first project. For Part 1, I shall detail the learnings and process for how a new old app can be created with the aid of modern tools and hindsight of old technologies. And perhaps what lessons can it offer us today. This blog post is a few months late as I needed time to clean up the code and write the documentation. Don’t forget to checkout out Part 2 of the game app with Hui Jing too! The App Of course let’s take a look at the app.