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February 17, 2021

“I’m quitting social media!” blogposts are such a cliché but as with every good meme I couldn’t help myself and so here is my attempt. I don’t plan to quit for good — what for would that be? — but I’ll log out of Twitter and Instagram and delete the apps until Easter and then we shall see, how much I miss it.
I’ll still post stuff here, so maybe grab an RSS reader and ✨follow✨ me that way? That might even get me to clean up the feed format for link posts. Or – shock and horror – write something more than a few sentences at some point.

(And of course – if you have a reply to something I write – just send me a webmention.)


Matthias Pfefferle

Ich bin gespannt auf deine Longreads 😉

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Puh. Ja. Ich auch.

Teymur Madjderey

ah yes yes.

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