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March 7, 2021

Some time last August Microsoft and Asobo published the latest iteration of the Microsoft Flight Simulator and after trying to resist for pretty much exactly one week I went ahead and dropped some serious money on a proper gaming PC. With Windows and everything. And weird RGB LEDs all over. I never thought that would ever happen again, but here we are.

And because I am who I am, I thought it would be the best idea in the world to take a little King Air once around the world, starting at the nearby Euroairport and roughly heading eastwards.

Well, today I’m finally done. 66 flights with an average flight time of just under two hours. And it was surprisingly entertaining. Usually not the flying itself – just puttering along a couple thousand feet above ground can be pretty monotonous, especially in foggy weather or over the ocean or some desert – but looking around who else is flying at sometimes weird hours in not very popular locations on a European server.
In these moments I sometimes wished I could send a quick “hi!” but that’s not build into the game. Oh well. I do understand, it would lead to a cacophony and probably random abuse over the more busy parts of the world.

The game has its weird kinks still: random elevation spikes in the middle of Ecuador, a vanishing cockpit over Greenland, strange acceleration effects when taxiing after a long flight – but all in all it is pretty remarkable how well it runs. And it can be so, so pretty


  • Marc Görtz
  • Marc Görtz


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