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March 7, 2021

  • I got a new bar of soap this week. (I know! Exciting!) And now it’s not only me but the whole apartment that smells like lavender. Still not sure what to think of it.
  • By now I’m a bit tired of this whole pandemic thing. I think I’d be fine with it disappearing soon. It has been a year now since we made hand-washing memes.
  • In a video call everybody can see you scream.
  • I’ve been thinking about this website a lot lately. I’m slightly dissatisfied. I’ve noticed that the Gutenberg editor is not for me. A lot of my “content” comes via APIs and I’m using the meta fields a lot and I don’t want to learn how to write React things just to have some way to enter additional information and ugh. On the other hand: I’ve been struggling for years (decades!) to get started writing my own blog CMS. And I just know that if I use one of the big frameworks (Symfony or Laravel) that I’ll end up in dependency hell: if I don’t tend to it for a couple of months or years and then want to add something, there will be some incompatibility with some library and some PHP version and it will get so tedious. With WordPress I’ll probably just have to keep hitting the update button and things will likely keep running along, as they have for years now.
  • Lately I sleep a lot but not very well and I haven’t quite figured out what to do about it.