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March 11, 2021

Perceptive people might have noticed that my indiebookclub reading entries (which need some proper markup, I’ll get to it some day ) are all by the same author – and indeed are from the same series. I’ve always been reading like this: Pulpy stuff and when I find an author or a series of books, I just go through them. And when the author is still around and publishing, I do try to keep up with their newer stuff. I’ve read all the Agatha Christie books, all the Pratchetts, even the weird early ones, I’ve read all the Bosch books and all the Longmires. I’ve even read almost all Tom Clancy books, which… eh. They’re terrible, but also entertaining.
So now I’m reading the Vincent Calvino books, which are also terrible and entertaining, but on a very different level. I guess for at least another 10 books I’ll read about random murders in Bangkok. :shrug: