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June 17, 2021

I’ve seen Polywork mentioned on Twitter quite a bit lately (more on that later) and decided to give it a go. I didn’t have much time to fill out my timeline, yet, but after clicking around a little bit, I found a couple of things that seem to be missing that I would really like to see or that seem to be long-hanging fruit:

  • RSS everywhere: I’d love to be able to subscribe to individual timelines in my RSS reader or get an RSS for new people with a specific badge.
  • generally an API: I’d love to be able to IndieWeb-POSSE/PESOS entries on my own timeline.
  • rel="me" on the profile links
  • semi-automatic adding of collaborations – when a friend enters something cool we worked on together I should be able to one-click-add it to my own timeline.
  • Stop with the gross-ish growth hacking. When I saw that I only got to invite people when I tweet about Polywork I was quite grumpy for a minute. But then, I’m also blogging about it and I got two friends to sign up, so something worked, I guessed.
  • Add a URL field to the entries and unfurl the URL.