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September 12, 2021

As many people know I’m a huge fan of the Civilization game series. I’ve started playing the very first one back in the days and really every version since then. So when Ben told me there’s a new 4X game called Humankind that is being praised, I’ve decided to give it a try. Especially when Teymur told me it is available in Gamepass, which I have for the Flight Simulator and Forza and AoE anyway.

Turns out this game is similar but also not similar at all to Civilization. Teymur and me decided to give the game a good old multiplayer try today and realized pretty soon that maybe we should have played some tutorial beforehand and not just jump into a game completely unprepared. I’m pretty sure we made every mistake that’s possible to do and when we stopped after roughly 200 rounds for today, we were pretty behind the AI players.

Oh well. It is very pretty, the pseudo-3D works very well, especially when used for combat tactics – so I guess we’ll play that one again. The next time we’re prepared a bit better.