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September 22, 2021

A couple of days ago I realized that basically all of the pulpy books that I’ve read this year were written by guys and I decided to change that – if possible without straying too far from the pulp. I asked the internet and I got one reply, which is nice, at least. Dominik told me about the Charlie Fox series by Zoé Sharp and I got myself the first book “Killer Instinct.”

Genre-wise it fits perfectly: Charlie Fox is a former member of the military, a bit of a broken loner and when we meet her in the book for the first time she teaches self defense and is about to take up a job doing security in a nightclub. Then there are murders and betrayals and fights and a lot of motorbikes and it’s all very exciting.

Is it what I was looking for? Yes, absolutely. I’ve already got the second book, even though it won’t get the queue-jumping privileges of the first one. And maybe after that one, I’ll try to figure out the real order of the series – there are thirteen books and a couple of novellas outside of the series but also with Charlie as a protagonist.


  • Dominik Dröscher