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October 19, 2021

As far as I am concerned, Apple peaked in 2013. I bought three of their dingi that year and I love them all:
The iPhone 5S in gold was not only beautiful but also brought Touch ID, had an amazing camera and had the perfect size for a smartphone.
The iPad Mini this year was great – the same chip and memory as the big iPad in a small, inexpensive package with a great screen.
And the 13-inch MacBook Pro was great as well: robust, great keyboard and Retina screen and actually a lot more affordable than Windows laptops with the same hardware.

In fact I’m still using two of these devices almost daily: I’m reading books and watching YouTube videos on the iPad Mini. I’m typing this blog post on the MacBook Pro. And the very pretty golden 5S sits nicely in a book on the shelf, even when I long stopped keeping old electronics around.

On the other hand, 2017 was pure garbage. I bought the very overpriced MacBook Pro with the touch bar and an iPhone 8 Plus and good god, these things suck. The GPS in the 8 never really worked for me and unlike the 6S two years before, it just never felt right to me.

And don’t get me started on the MacBook Pro. Besides the outrageously bad keyboard and the fact that the SD card slot and MagSafe were gone, it just has been very unreliable. I had to have the battery replaced. I had to have the screen replaced. And now after four years, the SSD seems to be dead. Maybe. Probably. Who knows. A couple of weeks ago it just randomly started to crash, showing an NVMe kernel panic every time. Resets of all kinds didn’t solve anything. A re-install of MacOS didn’t solve anything. So I took it to the Apple Store. They decided that I had bad, evil software installed and kept the MacBook for a week. When I picked it up just now, they noticed that none of their hardware tests found anything wrong with it. Their genius solution to the problem is now that I should reformat the SSD and reinstall MacOS. Which I am now doing, while cursing.

And while typing on my still very lovely and responsive and reliable MacBook from eight years ago.

If only it was faster when running all the electron apps one uses these days. And Docker. And PHPStorm.