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January 9, 2022

First week back at work after a two-weeks Christmas break is always a bit brutal. As I’ve probably said too many times my natural sleeping rhythm is rather between 2am and 10am and when I have two weeks off, that’s where my body goes immediately. So as soon as I have to get into the work rhythm I do have to fight “jet lag” for about a week, maybe more.



The second episode of the Boba Fett series. And that’s all I watched. That’s really not a lot, is it?
I did watch the Dakar Rally coverage though – they don’t post much online but what they post is a lot better than it used to be.


I didn’t finish the Assetto Corsa Competizione race, either. I still have about three hours to go but at least I’m slowly working myself through the field. I’m at position 2 now and back into the lead lap.


Well, my CMS is slowly getting better. My main goal is to write something that I can use instead of WordPress, which is actually quite a scary idea. I’ve been using WP for this page since before version 1.0. That’s over 18 years.
It’s not that I dislike WordPress, it’s just moving into a different way than what I want from my blog CMS. I understand why the new block editor exists, it just doesn’t work the way my brain works.


Of course I also got sucked into playing Wordle. I’ll not post my results to Twitter, though.