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January 30, 2022

Last weekend of January and that first month of the year felt at once very long and rather short. I guess that’s just how it is now.

There was a lot of internet drama this week: some dude decided he was too good for Calendly and we all decided to switch away from Spotify. Related: Apple Music is still a bit of a UX nightmare. Apparently it is not possible to just listen to one song? And last.fm integration only works with some third-party app on the phone. There’s nothing like Spotify Connect and I’ll miss my Discover Weekly. Bummer.
Unrelated: I really like that new Charlie XCX song.

Once again I didn’t watch all that much – pretty much only the Boba Fett episode. I might need to find more some other series to watch?
Gamingwise Teymur finally got me to get Escape From Tarkov and oh boy, what a weird, frustrating game. I managed to survive one round so far, so I guess that’s good for the first week.