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March 14, 2022

Screenshot of the web cam

Lately I’ve been absolutely fascinated by this live cam that is set up somewhere in Singapore.

The video feed itself is pretty great. The picture is of a couple of intersections and it is fun to see and analyze the traffic pattern. There are only a few pedestrians out and about usually, but there’s a little covered pedestrian bridge on the left and when the sun isn’t mirrored in the window, it is possible to see people walking there. And there’s a small construction site that complicates the intersections but isn’t worked on with a lot of urgency.
And then there is the music: a mind-numbing easy-listening lo-fi mix that immediately switches off all brain functions. It’s glorious.

But the really fascinating part is the chat window. I do not understand what is going on there and it is (usually) not a language issue. Are they bots? Are they real people? Do they try to scam each other or are they actually trying to look for human connection in the chat of a webcam of a couple of intersections in Singapore? So many questions.