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April 4, 2022

The cast of Slow Horses

Some time last year, probably around the same time as right now, I was looking for something to read. Usually I have the opposite problem — too much to read, not enough time – but at this point nothing on my one of my many Tsundoku-stacks was calling me. So I did what people do – I turned to the internet and just asked Google for the best spy thrillers of the last couple of years. (I mentioned my questionable pulpy taste in reading materials before. At least this time I wanted to get the best of those.)
And Google told me I should look at the Slough House series by Mick Herron and I happily obliged. A darkly funny series of spy thrillers that are very much not like most spy thrillers.

Now imagine my joy when I read at some point last fall that they were turning the books into a TV series for Apple+.
And after the first two episodes I can easily say: go watch it. It is very good. Very dark. A tiny bit less funny than the books, but that might just be because things tend to be a bit more absurd in my imagination than on TV.