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December 31, 2022

I’m usually not someone who writes these posts – in fact I’m hardly someone who writes posts, usually I’m more the “quick link and/or aside[1]” kind of guy – but there are many of them in my feedreader lately and I had a creeping sense of FOMO while reading them.

Plus there have been all those “Your year” things by different services that I use – Spotify Wrapped is the big one, Trakt has one and now even Steam thinks it would be a good idea. (Ignore the username.)

So what can I say about my year? The nice part is that I’ve actually been on the road again a couple of times. Meeting friends and family members I haven’t seen for the last few years, going to the office and meeting co-workers that just have been talking heads in video chats for a while. I’m not a super social animal and I don’t mind being in solo Goblin mode for a couple of days or even weeks, but it sure is nice to see people once in a while.
I even went out camping twice. Sleeping in a tent and everything. Which is the same amount of times as in the 42 years before that and surprisingly I quite liked it. I just need a better air mattress. And a better… oh god. Not another hobby that needs a lot of fancy gear.

And yet – while all of this was pretty good, somehow this year my mental health took a pretty sharp nose dive. (not that it was anything to write home about before, tbh) I’m not quite sure what to do about that – so far the best options I can come up with are “retire and bum around the world” and “hire an assistant” but both aren’t really realistic.
At least I think I know what’s the problem and I do have family members and friends who’re willing to listen to my whining and help, when needed. It’s a start on my way to finding some way to clean things up. Let’s see.

And in the department of unneccessary stats: So far I had 680 cups of coffee this year and I’ll go and brew the 681st cup once I published this post.

  1. Mostly because it is really hard for me to concentrate on writing anything longer than a paragraph without getting distracted. Just while trying to write this footnote I did some research on Markdown editors. What else I did while writing this post: looked for my headphones, had breakfast, had an option on social media, tried to charge my Kindle, couldn’t find the charging cable, got annoyed, had a glass of water, checked up on my feedreader, …  ↩