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January 8, 2023

I admit: it is a bit funny that every year I try to get into the rhythm of writing weeknotes and every year the enthusiasm peters out pretty quickly. This year I have a plan though: I bullied talked my friends who have a blog into writing these articles, too and we’ll try to remind each other on the weekends. The hope is that at least one of us remembers and that the social pressure is high enough to actually get to typing.

So how was my week? Well, I wasn’t at work and yet – I didn’t do a single thing that I planned on doing during the week. Not even the stuff I was actually excited about, which is tackling one of the big still unopened Lego sets. It’s not even that I did really much else. I didn’t watch a lot, I didn’t game a lot. I did read a book, which isn’t really worth mentioning, and I read and archived a lot of articles in my Pocket account. I’m also caught up on the Omnibus podcast, which I wasn’t for the last couple of months.

Don’t call them resolutions

  • Taking a daily walk and fill the Apple Watch circles: so far, so good.
  • Taking a camera with me and take a picture during that walk to get back into photography: meh. I forgot on Friday, didn’t even bother copying the picture to an internet-connected device to post it yesterday and felt pretty uninspired on the other days. This one is probably the first to go.
  • Writing weeknotes: Well, here i am.
  • Find another way to post links instead of just posting them as content- and contextless “Likes” to my blog: hmm, tbd – for now I’m mostly filling up my Pocket account and I haven’t decided what to do about them, yet.


I did consolidate a lot of my smaller side projects on one beefier virtual machine instead of a couple of small ones. And I updated PHP, all the dependencies and WordPress plugins and whatnot. That was a bit of pretty mindless copying and deploying and scripting, but in the end things are looking a bit more manageable and more up to date, so all is well.
And because I can never have enough side projects and domains, I registered weeknotes.cafe – right now it is still very minimal, but it’s a beginning. If you want to list your weeknotes there as well and we’re mutuals as the youths say, let me know.

Things I learned

A lot, probably. And I promptly might have forgotten most of it – I did read an awful lot of things when cleaning out my Pocket account and there was a lot of new stuff in there, which will pop up again in my brain in three months and that I can only source with “I read this article somewhere”

I also figured out how to run dependabot for a self-hosted Gitlab instance and will probably explore the possibilities further next week.