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January 15, 2023

I knew it would happen sooner or later and it happened pretty soon: I’m already not super motivated to write these notes on the second weekend. I know for sure that if I hadn’t made a big deal out of them and added the peer pressure this year, it would be quite certain that I forget about them at all again.

It was a bit of a struggle to get back into work mode – I was pretty tired for no real reason all the time, even though I managed to keep my sleep rhythm more or less stable during my two weeks off over the holidays. And yet I quite liked being back “in the office.” There’s something to be said about working with people you actually enjoy spending time with.

Don’t call them resolutions

Not good, but good enough: I stopped taking photos on my walks, there just wasn’t any real motivation. And I didn’t fill my Apple Watch rings on Friday, which is a bit of a bummer. But oh well, it worked again yesterday and I’ll be out of the apartment today as soon as I have finished writing this thing here.


I haven’t really done much this week – I fixed a couple of small bugs on weeknotes.cafe and I think I should write a little text of what it is about at some point soon. I did see many people starting their year with week notes so maybe I should open it up to the public soon-ish. Before I do that I want to make it a bit prettier, add a reminder feature and maybe add an option to set the language per post including an option to filter the post list? I don’t know. Marc and I also talked about the option to post via Webmention, which would be pretty neat.

Things I learned

This is something I know I knew, but somehow it tripped me up this week and now I’ll remember for sure:

class A {
    public function something(): self
        // do something
        return $this;

class B extends A
    // do something

$a = (new B())-&gt;something();
echo $a::class; // A

Oh well.

The internet

Those numbnuts at Twitter removed the ability to use Tweetbot, so I guess at this point I’ll even stop sneaking a peek once in a while. What a bummer.
Meanwhile I really enjoy being a tester for Ivory and I like elk.zone as a desktop client.



@dominik Das war 1 langer Trööt!