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January 22, 2023

So here we are again, on a gray and cold Sunday afternoon.
I have seen some people online whose resolution was to write a medium-length blog post every day for the month of January and oh wow, that would be too much for me. But good for them, I guess.

After I had some tech disappointment on Tuesday the day turned around in the evening – did some (virtual) socializing with a few colleagues and big surprise: it’s actually nice to spend some time with people on your wave length. Who knew.

Don’t call them resolutions

Not much to say here – I managed to fill the rings on each day of the week, except for today, but that’s just a formality, I was out and about this morning so it’s just the standing hours now.

My Websites

I relaunched my website in a very work-in-progress state. I was wondering for a quick moment if I should have added one of those little construction worker gifs from back in the days. But at least it is deployed now and I have something to work with. I guess the main part for now will be the link blog.

Things I learned

If you need to get rid of the old MySQL column comments you need to alter the column and add an empty comment. For example:


App of the Week

It is very much not something new – in fact I actually had it installed before – but after Dominik mentioned the note taking app Obsidian this week, I gave it another try. It works pretty well for me so far and I do like the fact that it is all just a bunch of markdown and json files in a folder somewhere.

Gong xi fa cai, little bunnies 🐰