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February 5, 2023

Every week when I open Byword to write these things, I start to type “Hello internet friends” which is how I used to start my newsletter back in the day. I guess I miss writing it, after all – I just don’t see myself writing two longer posts per week and somehow it doesn’t feel right to send the weeknotes to the newsletter subscribers. Oh well.

This week felt really long – not in a bad way, though. I got to taste Teymur’s falafels (just look at them over on his blog, they’re very tasty indeed) and overall ate way too much.
I played some poker (you get some bonus points if you find me on one of the photos) and given that this was probably the third time I ever played, I was out of the event very quickly.

Some observations:
Usually I sleep very well in hotel beds. This time? Not so much. The worst night was probably the one when the hotel TV turned itself on and rebooted in the middle of the night.
Once again I really enjoyed being on the road on my way back, even though it was pretty demanding. I was pretty sleepy anyway (see above) and add to that rush hour traffic, trucks, rain and twilight and the six hours wore me out for good. Even though it was still early in the evening, I went directly to bed once I reached home.

Don’t call them resolutions

Don’t mention them, please.
It was okay when the commute between the hotel and the office was enough to close the rings, but the weekend was a bust.


Yesterday I mostly patched all my little websites and webtools after a small security advisory was issued for Symfony and Laravel projects.

App of the Week

StreetPass is a fun Browser extension that gives you a constantly updating list of Mastodon accounts of the websites you’re visiting.