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February 12, 2023

If there is one thing that I can say about this week for sure: my sleep pattern is messed up big time. I don’t think there was a single day this week when I didn’t fall asleep way later than I wanted with the absolutely unexpected side effect of me being very tired all day long. Fantastic.
It also didn’t help that I was too tired after work to do my stupid walk for the stupid mental health and somehow still didn’t go to sleep earlier.
Weeks like this are the reason why I usually stop writing these notes after a while – sometimes it just feels like nothing happened all week, everything was a bit of a blur and trying to put that nothingness into words for ✨ public consumption ✨ is a deeply unpleasant experience.

Sigh. Anyway.


I did manage to put my Twitter archive online. It’s not linked anywhere, yet, except here and I’m not sure if I will. I might just go through the database of my blog here and change all links to my now private tweets to this page.

Things I learned

I managed to get Rector working for me, which was a nice surprise. In previous attempts I had weird results and/or error messages and had more or less given up on it. It’s pretty good now and I guess the trick might just be to not feed it an old code base of 400+ php files at once and instead do things in chunks.


It’s not the most groundbreaking discovery – in fact it’s one I make every couple of months – but just having electronic music running in the background really helps with my ✨ productivity. ✨
(Even though together with a massive sleep deficit it might have added to the floaty feeling all week, who knows.)
Sometimes I just play some semi-random Spotify playlist, this week it was DJ sets on YouTube. The algorithm told me to have the sets of Miss Monique, Nora En Pure and Giolì & Assia running, so that’s what I did.

Well, now let’s see if I can get myself to bed faster today. I did sleep a lot yesterday and today, but we all know it’s not really possible to catch up on sleep just with a weekend, but people would probably complain if I stayed in bed until noon during the week.


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